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get usb headset working with Amarok or Xine

It is a little bit tricky to get a USB headset working with Ubuntu and Amorak.

(i never use KDE, but this tool is my current favorite music player under Ubuntu. Things changes, may be there
is a another favorite player anytime. For now, Amarok 1.4.10 rocks! I donated a small amount of money for the guys of Amarok -> good job !!!).

My current Amarok version from Ubuntu Hardy or Intrepid distributions (XFCE desktop) identifies on-board soundcard only.

But i want to listen to music from my USB headset!.
So a small little manual configuration, let Amorak play music out of my USB headset:
First you need to identify the sound card identifier, i took alsactl, but other ways are possible of course:
sudo alsactl names

This creates /etc/asound.names and there you can find your assigned device, for example:
alsactl24 {
name 'plughw:1,0'
comment 'Physical Device With Conversions - USB Audio (Duplex)'

Now open Amarok and configure
Settings / Amarok / Engine
– Sound System: xine Engine
– Output plugin: alsa
– Mono and Stereo: plughw:1,0
– 4 Channels and 6 Channels: leave empty (i left it untouched).

or look on this screenshot:


Now you can here sound from your USB headsets!


Friday, 31 October 2008 at 19:00 UTC 1 comment

Netbeans 6.5 RC2 released

This week the Netbeans team published the RC2 of Netbeans 6.5.

It is a quite stable release and much better than the first beta version.
I’ve been using it with minor reservations for some days.

It is helpful for Java and Maven, PHP and Firefox extension development with the Foxbeans plugin.
They solved the subversion User Interface much better than Eclipse.

Good work!

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Congratulations to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid

The time is now!

Yesterday was a great day.
I’ve got my new mainboard Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4 and tried to install Ubuntu/Hardy.
Unfortunately, the boot CD hang with during startup (at the USB check time) and the only thing i got, was the busybox.
After updating the BIOS to the latest F9 version, it was time to look at the new Ubuntu Release.

Success! They released yesterday the latest Ubuntu Release 8.10 (Intrepid).

Installation on the ICH10 chipset board EP45-DS45 works like a charm without any issue !!!

Good work Ubuntu Team!

As ever, i use the Xubuntu AMD64 Alternate Image, because XFCE works much faster, than Gnome or KDE.
As every download from all mirrors were slow, i used the torrent download to get maximum download speed!

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show harddisk and cpu temperature with Ubuntu

To configure a Ubuntu (Intrepid) to show sensor data in desktop panel, simply install sensors.
With my new mainboard and ICH10 chiptset, i haven’t got access to hard disk and cpu temperatures,
i only got
“Sensors type ACPI zones”

apt-get install xfce4-sensors-plugin sensord i2c-tools
apt-get install xsensors

After that run as root:

sudo sensors-detect
It added “coretemp” to /etc/modules.

Additionally you need to let sensors plugin get access to hddtemp to read harddisk temperatures as user:
chmod u+s /usr/sbin/hddtemp

Then you need reboot your system.

Voila! CPU and hard disk temperatures are displayed.
Very nice is, that i can set Min/Max for the color display.

The ACPI thing didn’t work, but that’s okay for the moment.

Friday, 31 October 2008 at 10:58 UTC 3 comments

Adobe AIR install under Ubuntu 64-bit fails

i tried to install my favorite twitter client Twhirl under Ubuntu 64-bit.

The fun ended with download error of Adobe AIR

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SpringSource Announces General Availability of SpringSource Enterprise

SpringSource Enterprise released to help customers develop and run Spring-powered enterprise applications more productively, securely and with the greatest uptime.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—July 22, 2008— SpringSource, the company behind Spring, the de facto standard in enterprise Java, and a leading provider of infrastructure software, today announced the general availability of SpringSource Enterprise.

“The application landscape is undergoing significant change, as developers and architects demand a combination of powerful capabilities and simplicity in the next generation of enterprise applications,” said Peter Cooper-Ellis, SpringSource senior vice president of engineering and product management. “The commercial release of SpringSource Enterprise, coupled with the recent introduction of the SpringSource Application Platform, delivers more flexible and modular alternatives that the market is looking for in their application infrastructure.”

SpringSource has published some months ago the SpringSource Application Platform, currently in beta.

As Eberhard Wolf posted in Google’s Spring User Group Germany :

SpringSource is a fully modular environment for
* Enterprise Java applications, that based on modern concepts
* it is based on OSGi as underlying system for module coordination
* it contains tomcat for support of web applications
… and supports Spring as programming model of course

He invites everybody to take part in SpringSource beta program: Register here …

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hold your mac up to date with AppFresh

I found a cool tool to get updates for all my installed mac application: AppFresh by

Currently Appfresh is in version 0.7 beta, but it works for me very well.

AppFresh is a unique utility that scans your Mac’s applications, then checks to see if your software matches the latest versions.

Optional, you can register with AppFresh an account, but this is not required.

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