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Netbeans 6.5 RC2 released

This week the Netbeans team published the RC2 of Netbeans 6.5.

It is a quite stable release and much better than the first beta version.
I’ve been using it with minor reservations for some days.

It is helpful for Java and Maven, PHP and Firefox extension development with the Foxbeans plugin.
They solved the subversion User Interface much better than Eclipse.

Good work!


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netbeans 6.5 installer issue

on my second Ubuntu Hardy (64-bit) i got an issue with installing netbeans 6.5beta:

~/Desktop$ ./
bash: ./ /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Text file busy

googled a litte bit and found a tip from morris 007:

my file permission were corret, yet, but starting installer with sh solved above error message:

~/Desktop$ sh
Configuring the installer...
Searching for JVM on the system...
Extracting installation data...
Running the installer wizard...

Interesting is also, that there seems to be differences between the MacOS and Linux distribution of Netbeans 6.5beta.
On MacOS i didn’t got the “select pack” screen during installation procedure:

netbeans installer select packs

netbeans installer select packs

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Updated: Netbeans 6.5 beta now available

Today it is official: The beta release of Netbeans 6.5 is available.

Download here.

After some internal confusing last days at Amit Sahas’ blog at Sun Lukas Haslik (NetBeans Platform & Core QA team lead) replied, that this “internal” link was not created for public users.

Rohan Ranade replied as every other software development team should care:

@Amit: I agree completely with Lukas. It’s common sense. NetBeans is a product, not just another open source part time project. There are dedicated teams which manage the lifecycle of NetBeans. Such journalistic activism has happened earlier too (earlier too a Sun India guy had done it). It does not do any good to NetBeans image when people download and use untested beta versions. Worse, it creates a headache for QA and Dev when spurious bug reports come in. That’s a definite loss IMO. And remember, you are a SUN employee. What you say on the blog will be taken as official. It’s a double edged sword.

I can agree with him, it is very important for any product to assure a clear and transparent communication strategy to customers. In our world of information overflow it is more important than ever.

Today Netbeans published the official beta link, looking forward to test it developing Java and indeed (for some internal applications) PHP code.

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta Highlights:

o Code Completion
o Quick Fixes and Semantic Checks
o FTP Support
o Debugging with Xdebug
o Support for popular Web Services
o Debugging support for Firefox and IE
o HTTP client monitoring
o Bundled popular JavaScript libraries
o Groovy/Grails support
o Compile/Deploy on Save
o Eclipse project import and synchronization
o Built-in Hibernate support
o JSF CRUD Generator now Ajax-enabled
o Editor Improvements
o Improved code completion and error highlighting
o Remote Development
o Support for Ruby Tests
o Improved support for Rake build tool
GlassFish v3 “Prelude”
o Small footprint, fast startup and deployment
o Support for scripting, including jRuby

Testing Netbeans 6.5 beta!

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Netbeans 6.5beta is released.

Found a link to the next Netbeans 6.5beta: release 6.5beta.

*Update:* My mistake, this blog post was too early. I didn’t wait until the official Netbeans team post about the next beta.

After playing around with 6.5M1 and multiple nightly development snaphots i’m glad to use this next beta.
Developing in a Java and PHP environment makes fun with Netbeans



no, we have to wait some days to 6.5M2 (or beta?).
It was an internal mistake that they post a link to an unofficial beta on a blog at

Something is strange at Netbeans! On their official netbeans development plan page everybody can read the schedule:

Milestone Code Freeze Date
Milestone 1 June 15
Feature Complete July 21
Milestone 2 BETA Aug 11
UI Frozen Aug 25
Code Freeze / High Resistance Sep 15
FCS Oct 15


Today is August, 11, but their is no 6.5M2 (beta) available.

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