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Mobile – it is for communication

Today I came across a very good post by Helen Keegan on “There is no future on mobile”

We forget that the mobile phone is a communication device

It was designed for us to talk to each other. It was designed for us to be able to communicate with our friends, family, colleagues and lovers by voice, text, instant message, email, facebook, twitter, whatever. But it’s about communication. In every region of the world, mobile data traffic is largely driven by social networking – whether that’s Peperonity, Cyworld, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter – it doesn’t really matter. It does mean that it’s the human communication that’s important to us and drives the desire to explore mobile devices further in order to find other ways to communicate with loved ones.

The mobile phone is personal, it’s precious, it’s an object of desire and it’s our access to the outside world. It’s also a necessity and a basic tool to participate in UK society (according to the latest Joseph Rowntree report).


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